Vermira is a 32.7 hectare wellness community development that provides a space for families to grow their future homes. We spark natural connections between neighbors and nature by building open, interactive green spaces shared by all, for a thriving, inspired way of life.

The development’s unique clustered layout allows pockets of green space and activity to exist in every area. Themed pocket parks are scattered throughout the property so that every home can have space to gather, breathe, and experience the lushness of life.

Location: Sto. Tomas, Lipa-Alaminos Rd., Lipa City, Batangas
Completion Date:
Owner/Developer: Keyland Corp.


Vermira is nestled near the foot of Mt. Malarayat, along Lipa-Alaminos Road, and within meters of Mt. Malarayat Golf & Country Club.

It’s central location allows for an hour and a half travel from Makati City, and is an accessible jump off point for anywhere in the South.

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